March 11th - 28th

GLOW : 18 Day Yoga Journey with Ciara

🌟 GLOW: Radiate from Within 🌟

As spring unfolds and the world around us bursts into life, it’s the perfect time to ignite your inner radiance and let your light shine. Join us for a transformative yoga journey from 11th until 28th March as we delve deep into the theme of “GLOW.”

Each day, we’ll come together to awaken our bodies, minds, and spirits.  While embracing the expanding daylight and the rejuvenating energy of the season. Through mindful movement, awareness of sensations, creation of gestures, feeling the connections and the directions of our bodies in motion, we’ll cultivate a sense of inner illumination, allowing our true selves to shine brightly—all with my humor and laughter randomly dropped in throughout the class.

Daily Practice

In our daily practice, we’ll explore poses and sequences designed to awaken the body’s natural vitality and promote a sense of vibrant well-being. From dynamic flows to gentle stretches, each session will invite you to connect with your inner glow and embrace the joy of movement.

What to Expect

However, our journey goes beyond the physical as we dive into the deeper layers of self-discovery and connection. Through reflection and intention setting, we’ll uncover the unique qualities that make you shine and learn to harness them in all aspects of your life.

Are you ready to embrace your inner GLOW and radiate from within? Join us on this journey of self-discovery, transformation, and endless possibility.

Stay tuned for more details as we prepare to embark on this illuminating adventure together. Get ready to let your light shine bright!

🌟 GLOW: Radiate from Within 🌟

How to Participate:

Mark your calendar for March 11th, 2023.  GLOW : 18 Day Yoga Journey with CiaraDaily rendezvous on the website, YouTube, or Facebook for your 20-minute practice.Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, balance, and strength.Get Ready to GLOW from within : 18 days of Yoga with Ciara in March 2024

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