Ciara's yoga is creative and ever-changing, responding to the moment as it unfolds. Her approach is dynamic and imaginative, bringing a unique and engaging experience to the practice.

A Unique Teacher

Ciara is a unique yoga teacher with three decades of experience. Her community of students, both in-person and online, admire her wholesome, humorous, and wise approach to life. Ciara’s practice is influenced by natural, healthy movement, which involves paying attention to the body and allowing its sensations to guide the practice.

In my opinion, it's not necessary to perform exceptional movements to achieve wellness. What is more important is to be present and comfortable in our bodies.

Practice with Ciara


Pause : 21 days of Yoga with Ciara in December 2023 Starts December 1st 2023 Welcome to December’s journey of rest and mindfulness / bodyfullness – a time to PAUSE : 21 days of Yoga with Ciara in December 2023. As the year winds down, things around speed up,  join me, Ciara, for 21 days of yoga that promises to bring connection and intention to your day. The remedy to the external busyness is to create internal harmony. Anchoring ourselves in centeredness. Start your day with mindful movement. Listening, connecting, noticing what is, and being present to your own

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