Ciara loves to move.

She practises yoga daily, and has a vibrant craniosacral and massage clinic in the Naduir Centre for Holistic Heath that she built and created with her partner Josef in Connemara, County Galway. Their smallholding is full of dogs, cats, geese, ducks, and chickens, while a large vegetable garden provides them with food throughout the year.

Ciara loves how moving in her daily life; digging the garden, swimming in the sea, inspires and supports her teaching.

Ciara is connected, powerful, funny, caring, spontaneous, creative, profound, soft, strong, outgoing, introverted, potent, fast, loud, persistent, present. She deeply meets her own process and she deeply holds and meets others in their process.

Meet the team here.

You can go to our back catalogue of classes here where you can find all the previous Yoga with Ciara classes.  

For upcoming and livestream videos you can go to the Yoga with Ciara YouTube channel here.

If you subscribe to the channel you will get notified when there is an upcoming class or when a new class has been added.

You can watch Ciara’s classes on your Phone, iPad, Computer or Television (see below).

The live 20-minute classes are at 7am (Irish Time) every morning, you can follow the class here on the website here.

The 20-minute Daily classes are livestreamed to Youtube and Facebook every morning.

Here is the link to the Livestream on the Website,  Ciaras Youtube channel and The Naduir Facebook page.

The classes are also shared into the Yoga with Ciara Facebook group.  If you would like to join the group, click here.

We suggest €20 per month for the yoga but some people prefer to pay more (€1 per class), you can choose the amount you would like to pay.


CREDIT CARD: https://bit.ly/StripePaymentOneMonth  

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: https://bit.ly/StripeSubscription  

Stripe/Credit Card is our preferred payment method but here are some others

PAYPAL: Ciara@naduir.com or https://bit.ly/PaypalNaduir   

REVOLUT: 087 4155808 https://revolut.me/ciarastfp  

Bank transfer. If you would like to pay by bank transfer please let us know and we can send you our bank details.

Ciara was chosen to record 8 short, beginners, yoga classes for the HSE Health & Wellbeing programme.  

These classes are between 25 & 30 minutes long and are aimed at people who are beginning to practice Yoga.  

They can be done on their own or as a series and are very popular.


On Phone: click channel link, search for upcoming Live streams(before the class at 7am, Past Live streams after the class 7:25am, or Uploads after the class after 7:30am, or search archive.

On Computer: click the channel link , search for upcoming Live streams(before the class at 7am, Past Live streams after the class 7:25am, or Uploads after the class after 7:30am. or search archive.

On TV: How do I cast to a TV, connecting devices to watch YouTube on Smart TV  https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7640706?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid

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You can contact us via our Contact page.

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