In my classes, the emphasis is on cultivating a felt sense of the ever-evolving internal landscape of our bodies and expanding our awareness to the present moment.

Embodied Yoga with Ciara

Ciara’s teaching emphasises supporting nervous system regulation, promoting embodiment, safety, self-resourcing, kindness, wellness, and health.

Ciara’s approach to yoga emphasises the importance of inhabiting our bodies in a state of wellness, without the need for extraordinary movements. By practicing natural, wholesome movements, we develop a strong, balanced range of motion, and the ability to listen to and manage our body’s sensations in motion.

Her practice is deeply restorative and regulatory, promoting a connection with our bodies through mapping sensations and creating an internal experience of wellness. It encourages the development of boundaries, range, ability, and choice, promoting self-regulation and the ability to be present with ourselves as we navigate our lives.

Her teaching supports nervous system regulation, embodiment, safety, self-resourcing, regulation, kindness, wellness and health.

Ciara believes we don’t need to practise extraordinary movements; what we need is to inhabit our bodies in wellness. Practising wholesome, natural movements is the foundation of a connected, active life.

This involves developing a strong, steady, balanced range of motion, and the ability to listen to sensations and manage wellness in motion.

Her practice is deeply restorative and regulating – about listening and connecting to our bodies. It’s about mapping sensations, creating an internal connection to the experience of wellness. It’s about having boundaries, range, ability, choices, self-regulation; about each of us having the ability to be with ourself as we navigate our lives



Josef, Ciara’s partner is the support system for the yoga. He is such deep resource in Ciara life, it creates infrastructure, the scaffolding that Ciara leans into as she teaches. He is a place to bounce ideas off, he built Naduir our home, and tends the farmland of Naduir with such care and attention.

Josef is an avid cold water Wim Hof Method Practitioner and Teacher. They run monthly days and regular weekend in Naduir.



Sinead and Ciara are sisters, Sinead lives in France, and runs the office remotely for Ciara, she is tech backup for the daily live streams. She is admin, sister, friend, she is fun and reliable. 

They talk every day, discussing how they can be a better, more wholesome version of themselves. Using daily habits, to improve health, wellness, by having an orientation towards healthy relationships to the world around themselves, a committing to change, of growing personally and professionally. The search for more connection, creativity, through being hard working and kind.

Sinead lives in the South of France with her husband Matt and 2 children Ben and Isabelle, and the friendliest dog ever Sasha, their trusty beagle.

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