July 1st - July 14th

The Journey

Join us for an extraordinary 14-day Yoga Journey that draws inspiration from the profound and functional gesture of the spiral form. Throughout this transformative program, we will actively explore how spirals function as both a pattern with purpose and a formative element within our bodies.

The Teacher

Ciara, a yoga teacher, and craniosacral therapist known for her humor, creativity, and somatic connection, will lead this journey, ensuring it becomes a truly immersive experience.

The Teaching

Throughout this Yoga Journey, we will incorporate the innate wisdom of the spiral into our practice. By embracing its natural flow, we can unlock movement creativity, embody a sense of ease, and foster a deeper mind-body connection. The spiral pattern also possesses the ability to realign our bodies, fostering connection, and deep satisfaction, not to mention the enjoyment of movement and our bodies.

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