October 1st - 28th

Hello and welcome to POWERFUL 28-day Yoga Journey with Ciara in October 2023, where we delve deep into the theme of the POWER within. I am absolutely thrilled to be your guide on this remarkable journey towards self-discovery and empowerment through yoga.

Throughout this month, we will explore various concepts and intentions that will help you tap into your inner strength and presence. It’s important to note that you can participate in our daily 20-minute live stream classes on YouTube and Facebook at your own convenience, whether it’s once a week or whenever you find a moment to join us. Each session you attend, no matter how sporadic, will contribute significantly to your physical, mental, and inner well-being.

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on the incredible benefits of incorporating resistance bands into our practice and the power of being present in our lives.

What to expect

1. Stretchy Resistance Band: Our trusty resistance band will be a constant companion throughout this journey, adding a profound dimension to our practice. It will help us deepen our connection with our bodies, enhancing our awareness of each movement and breath.

2. The Power of Presence: Our journey begins with a fundamental principle—presence. We’ll also explore the profound connection between our physical and mental states, learning to be fully present in the moment both on and off the mat.

3. Finding Your Ground: Before we can wield our inner power, we must first establish a firm foundation. We’ll work on grounding ourselves, both physically and emotionally, fostering stability and resilience.

4. Finding Your Power: Embrace the incredible strength that resides within you. Discover your personal power and learn to channel it into your yoga practice and your daily life.

5. Feeling Good in Your Body: We’ll focus on cultivating self-love and acceptance while nurturing a deep sense of well-being and body positivity. It’s about cherishing and celebrating the vessel that carries you through life.

6. Feedback from Resistance Band: The resistance band will act as our silent guide, offering valuable feedback. It will help us refine our movements and align with our intentions, allowing for continuous growth.

7. Cultivating Joy in Strong Steady Movements: There’s immense joy to be found in embracing strong, steady movements. We’ll explore how these movements can be a source of happiness, and how they amplify our sense of inner power.

8. Peak Pose in Every Class: Each session will present a challenging peak pose. These poses serve as milestones, encouraging us to push our boundaries and reach new heights in our practice.

9. Longer Holds in Each Pose: To unlock our full potential, we’ll engage in longer holds. These extended moments will build endurance, deepen our postures, and tap into the reservoir of strength within.

I encourage you to embark on this journey with an open heart and an open mind.. The real power you seek already resides within you, and this month will be a beautiful awakening. I am here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Let’s unite in this 28-day journey, embracing the transformative power of presence and resistance bands, and may it bring you closer to your inner strength, mental clarity, and the radiant joy that dwells within. Namaste, dear yogis, and together, let’s make October 2023 truly POWERFUL! 🧘‍♀️🌟

Join me daily for a 20-minute live stream on Youtube and Facebook. Whether you join daily or occasionally, cherish the chance for deeper harmony. Let’s journey in POWERFUL together.

With warmth,
Ciara 🌿🌙

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