Connecting to your physical Sensations: Exploring the Sense of Belonging in Your Body

Have you ever wondered whether you truly own the sensations in your body? Do they belong to you, can you lean in, and yeald to your sensations?  or is there separation in your experience of sensations and in your sense of settling, softening, and presence?

These are questions that we will be  asking ourselves as we navigate this months Yoga Journey with Ciara BELONG .  This month, we’ll explore the sense of belonging in your body and how it impacts your overall sense of self. From a somatic perspective, inhabiting, connecting, owning  your sensations means being present and aware of your physical experiences in present time. It means cultivating a sense of embodiment and being grounded in your body, even as you navigate many different emotions and experiences. When we own our sensations, we feel a sense of connection and trust in our bodies, which can enhance our overall well-being.

So how do we cultivate this sense of belonging in our bodies?

It starts with being mindful and present in our physical experiences, whether it’s through movement, breathwork, or body awareness practices. In Yoga with Ciara class, we connect to the sensations and the felt sense of movement and the feeling of “How is it to be in my body in this moment”

It also involves being compassionate and accepting of ourselves, even when we’re experiencing discomfort or pain. Through somatic practices, we can deepen our connection to our bodies and enhance our sense of belonging.

By owning our sensations and cultivating a sense of embodiment, we can find greater meaning and purpose in our lives.


For me experiencing a sense of belonging is a powerful way to connect with the present moment and cultivate safety and presence in my body. It allows me to feel more grounded and connected to the world around me, and  helps reduce feelings of separation or disconnection. By owning my sensations and being present in my physical experiences, I deepen my sense of belonging and enhance my overall well-being.


So why not  take some time to explore the sense of belonging in your body, and see how it can transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you.


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I really hope you enjoy this daily yoga practice.

The most important part of daily Yoga practice is to show up.

You will see results from the routine and discipline. 26 days is a long time, some days you will power through the class, some days you will be tired and some days you won’t feel like it at all. These are the most important days, even if you join the class and lie on your mat and breath you will still reap the benefits of showing up and being part of a community
achieving a common goal.

So come join me!

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