BELONG : The Yoga Journey with Ciara for the month of May 2023

Starts May 1st 2023

The month of May 2023 is BELONG.

The Yoga Journey with Ciara for the month of May 2023 is BELONG.

It is with great joy and gratitude that I invite you to join me on a transformative journey called BELONG. For the month of May 2023, we will gather each day for a 20-minute live stream practice from my home to yours, connecting with you all from the west coast of Ireland to you my worldwide community of yogis.

BELONG Programme

BELONG is more than just a yoga journey, it is an opportunity to ground yourself in your body, in movements, sensations, and the present moment. As we move through each daily practice, we will cultivate a sense of wholeness and interconnectedness, both within ourselves and with the world around us.

So, my dear yogies, let us come together with open hearts and minds, ready to embark on a journey of transformation and connection. Together, we will create a space of safety, support, and growth, and cultivate a deep sense of belonging that will stay with us long after this journey is over.

Love Ciara

20min every morning as a Live Stream YouTube & Facebook Live Class, at 7am

Or You can follow along any time after I upload the class at 7:30am ish.

I really hope you enjoy this daily yoga journey. Please let me know what benefits you are seeing by using the hashtag #yogawithciara.

Here are the daily live links


To pay for this Yoga, it is €20 for the month

Paypal :

Revolut: 0874155808


Or you can decide on the amount you want to pay … 1 or 2 euros per class to Paypal, Revolut or Bank.

If you would like to contribute or become a monthly patron for €20 per month

I really hope you enjoy this daily yoga practice.

The most important part of daily Yoga practice is to show up.

You will see results from the routine and discipline. 26 days is a long time, some days you will power through the class, some days you will be tired and some days you won’t feel like it at all. These are the most important days, even if you join the class and lie on your mat and breath you will still reap the benefits of showing up and being part of a community
achieving a common goal.

So come join me!

Please let me know what benefits you are seeing by using the hashtag #yogawithciara.

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REMEMBER: move slowly, stop if you have any pain if you have an injury you should consult your doctor



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