A Morning Walk with the Dogs: Reflections on Belonging and Knowing a Place

polli tunnels, sun rise, cochoo bird in the distance, walking with the dogs

As I stepped out for my morning walk with the dogs, I was greeted by a symphony of sound from the surrounding wilderness, the forest, the scrub, the black and white thorn bushes.  . The morning chorus of birds was in full swing, and I could hear the call of the cuckoo bird among the cacophony of sounds. As I walked along, I began to reflect on the difference between knowing a place and belonging to it.

I’ve lived in this area for several  years now, and down the road for many more,  and I know it well. I know the names of the trees and the plants, the paths that wind through the forest, and the drains and streams that flow through the fields, the boggy places and the places that particular plants grow at different times of the year. Where is sun rises and sets at different times of the year, and how to grow and cultivate food here in this part of the world.. But knowing a place is not the same as belonging to it, they are similar and have resonance with each other, but one is deeper, and there is more.

Belonging is a felt sense of connection, safety, and trust within a place. It’s a sense of being valued and appreciated for who we are, and feeling like we have a place in the world. As I walked along, I felt a sense of belonging in the nature of this land. The familiar sights and sounds brought me comfort, and the sense of community among the birds and animals made me feel connected to something larger than myself. A sense of home and of connection.

Reflecting on this, I realized that while knowing a place is important, it’s belonging that truly brings meaning and purpose to our lives. By cultivating a sense of belonging within ourselves and our communities, we can deepen our sense of connection and meaning in the world. As the morning chorus continued, I felt grateful for the sense of belonging I felt in that moment, and for the reminder to cultivate that sense of belonging in all aspects of my life.

Next Monday 1st May I will start the Yoga Journey BELONG, 26 days of 20 min yoga live streamed daily

I will dwell and deepen into what it means to me to belong, in many different layers of my life.

Come join me.

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