STRENGTH : 28 Day Yoga Journey with Ciara starts September 2023

Embark on a Transformative 28-Day Yoga Journey with Ciara : STRENGTH



Experience the empowering and transformative power of STRENGTH in a unique 28-day Yoga Journey designed to build and deepen your physical and mental resilience. Led by Ciara, a skilled yoga teacher and craniosacral therapist, this program will guide you through daily 20-minute online yoga sessions using yoga straps and light weights, (such as a can of tomatoes or light weights), to enhance your strength, stability, and connection.

Throughout this journey, we will focus on cultivating strength in three key areas: FLOOR, STANDING, and BALANCING poses. Each day, you will explore a new movement sequence tailored to build strength and resilience using the support of a strap or belt. The integration of light weights will further challenge and engage your muscles, deepening your practice and connection to your inner power.

In the FLOOR sequence, we will explore postures that engage the core, upper body, and lower body muscles. With the support of a strap, we will deepen stretches, enhance flexibility, and build strength through controlled movements. The light weights will add an element of resistance, helping you to develop muscular endurance and stability.

The STANDING sequence will focus on building strength and stability in standing postures. With the assistance of a strap, we will refine alignment, deepen stretches, and enhance balance. The incorporation of light weights will provide resistance training, helping to sculpt and strengthen the major muscle groups in your body.

During the BALANCING sequence, we will work on developing stability and focus. Using the strap for support, we will challenge our balance and build strength in both standing and balancing postures. The light weights will be incorporated to add an element of challenge and engagement, allowing you to cultivate strength and stability from the inside out.

Each day, Ciara will guide you through a 20-minute online yoga session, offering clear and precise instructions to help you deepen and strengthen your practice. Her expertise and somatic understanding will create a safe and nurturing space for exploration, ensuring that you feel supported and empowered throughout the journey.

Prepare to cultivate a strong and resilient body, deepen your mind-body connection, and embrace your inner strength. Through the integration of yoga straps and light weights, you will enhance your practice, build physical strength, and connect with your inner power.

Mark your calendars for this transformative experience. We will embark on our 28-Day Yoga Journey: STRENGTH starting on [start date] and conclude on [end date]. Get ready to build strength, deepen your connection, and experience the transformative power of resilience.

Stay tuned for further updates and detailed instructions on accessing the daily online sessions. Get ready to strengthen your body, deepen your practice, and discover the true power within you.

With love and gratitude,
Ciara and Sinead the Yoga Journey Dream Team @Naduir


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