Why Our Students Believe You Should Embark on This Journey

As the start of our next Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) course at Body College Galway draws near, a single question might be on your mind: “Should I do this course?” To help you find your answer, we reached out to our past and present students, those who have walked the path you’re considering, to share their insights and experiences.

Their stories are not just testimonials; they are heartfelt reflections on transformation, embodiment, and the profound impact of this course on both their personal and professional lives.

Here’s what they shared with us:

“It has been a deeply enriching and life-changing experience… a practice and modality that benefits others, a touch therapy that is both gentle and dynamic.”
– Reflecting on the course’s enriching content and the community of support, inspiration, and learning it fosters.

“I had to go deep into my body… The holding, the touch of hands, and the power of stillness allowed transformation in ways my mind had never been able to find.”
– A journey into the self, finding healing and transformation through the power of BCST.

“Doing this work has been a deep dive into my own body and story… Being in tune with my own central nervous system has brought so much clarity and presence to my world.”
– A midwife shares how BCST has changed how she shows up in life and with others.

“It feels like all my personal and professional life have come together, and I am all the richer for it.”
– A testament to how BCST has integrated personal passions with professional aspirations.

“I was torn… would I spend my savings on a new bathroom, or would I go for what my soul longed for, for years – bodywork in BCST. I opted for the latter! Thank goodness.”
– A choice between material improvement and soulful enrichment, with BCST bringing long-lasting fulfillment.

“This training not only helped me to change my career path from the corporate world to the therapeutic world but also sparked a deep interest in the human body, its origin, and its function.”
– A journey from the corporate to the therapeutic, discovering a new self-view and an endless journey of learning.

Their messages are clear: Say YES to a journey of discovery, healing, and profound professional growth with Body College Galway’s BCST course. It’s not just about acquiring new skills; it’s about transforming how you connect with yourself and others, understanding the language of the body in profound, healing ways, and stepping into a career that resonates with your deepest values and passions.

If their words have sparked something in you, if you feel the pull towards this transformative experience, we invite you to say YES too.
And remember, we’re here to chat if you have any questions.  – it could be the beginning of an amazing journey.


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P.S. With the course starting in just about 4 weeks, now is the perfect moment to make a decision that could change your life.
Let’s explore this path together.



“Should I do this course??”

“I have just finished seminar 8 (of 10) of the two year Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training course with Body College Galway. It has been a deeply enriching and lifechanging experience to be part of this course. The professional journey of gaining a qualification aside, it has been so emboldening for me to have a framework of deepening into my own embodiment and then to have a practice and modality that can then benefit others, a touch therapy that is both gentle and dynamic. The course content is really impressive in its scope – with the cornerstones of A&P, the roots of craniosacral therapy, the biodynamic approach and a really forward looking and inclusive trauma informed lens. I feel the practice and the teaching is very alive & relatable and it respects the evolving nature of human experience and bodywork practices and discoveries.
The best part of the Body College Galway course is the community of tutors and peers. It has become such source of support, inspiration and learning for me.
I joined the course in Seminar 2 as the dates for seminar 1 didn’t work for me and it has been really doable to catch up on the first seminar. The peer and tutor support has made that possible.
I would say if you’re on the fence and wondering if you should commit to the 10 seminars – Go Do It!!
It will change your life for the better and your body will thank you for it!”
Ruth Smith

“Why should you do this course? I am a 50 yr Old woman. I work as a Midwife in the homebirth setting in Dublin. I believed that I was starting on the BCST journey to support my practice and offer my clients some body work to support their journey.
It turns out it’s me who’s on the journey.
Studying BCST with Body College with Ciara, Josef and team has changed how I show up in life and with others. Doing this work has been a deep dive into my own body and story this in turn is showing me how to relate in a beautiful way with others.
Being in tune with my own central nervous system has brought so much clarity and presence to my world. I am a softer, steadier happier person since I began.
I have studied with many institutions and I can say with deep truth that studying with Body College is the most supportive & safest learning environment I have ever known. I am part of a fun, caring and deep learning group.
Studying to be a BioCraniosacral therapist with Body College is one of my better moves in life!

This training not only helped me to change my carrier path from corporate world to therapeutic world but also sparked deep interest in human body, its origin and its function. I look at myself different way completely and the journey never ends

“I was torn..would i spend my savings on a new bathroom or would i go for what my soul longed for ,for years-body work in BCST
I opted for the latter !Thank goodness
I know have a pretty dingy bathroom but a soul thats alive and an excitment about my future career i never felt before.
Personnaly this course has thought me so much about myself ,stuff i kinda half knew but never understood or could frame. I feel well consistently for long periods in my head heart and body
So if you ask yourself “Should i do this course?”
I would say YES

“I did a wisewoman apprenticeship and healing was a big part. We are guided by plants it’s very intuitive. I didn’t feel confident/comfortable to be able to offer that on its own. I tried reiki but didn’t connect enough with it. I was looking to align the plant medicine with another healing practice where both would complement each other.I had thought about doing craniosacral before but the time wasn’t right. I went to the intro evening and after a few minutes I was certain craniosacral was what I was looking for. The last year has been amazing, stimulating and so deep, I would say if you never worked as a therapist it was worth it. The style of teaching and ways you learn about the body are so beautiful and profound they will never leave you. It feels like all my like personal and professional life have come together and I am all the richer for it.”

“It’s like a key that opens the door into a world and provides skills and techniques to travel into more freedom on all levels, physically emotionally, spiritually, and mentally….”

“If you are interested in embarking on an amazing journey within, learn more about our bodies and be able to help others to feel well, then yes you should do this course”

Say yes to a professional course , layered with wisdom, research and embodied teachings .
Say yes to a course that changes the way you meet yourself and your clients.
Say yes to a new career that you can start the day after you finish your course”

Deciding to this course with Bodycollege Galway has led to me showing up more fully in my life, and to having a clearer sense of my worth and place. It has been deeply transformative, a coming home to self. I decided to take the course, having had only one session of Biodynamic Cranio Sacral therapy and knowing very little about it. The guidance provided by the Galway team helped me navigate through the layers and concepts of the practice, in a way that was holistic and embodied. Even now, having qualified, the support offered by Ciara in our monthly zoom meetings is a great help as I navigate the practicalities of setting up a BCST business in a way that feels right to me. Good luck to all who decide to embark on this journey.

“I had to go deep into my body: fascia, bone, blood and breath to find painful patterns, sometimes ancestral. The holding, the  touch of hands and the power of stillness allowed transformation in ways my mind had never been able to find. We are immense as human beings and BCST allows us to meet our many layers in a beautifully safe way.  Nothing that happens in my body is without emotional content and BCST allowed me to shift into fully believing this.”


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