WELLNESS : Yoga Journey with Ciara : February 2023

The month of February 2023 is WELLNESS.

I am really interested in how this next month will go. I have for many many years been supporting wellness in my clinic, and with my students. I have compiled a long list of suggestions and supports that I offer on a daily basis to my clients and students. So I am going to explain demo, present one each day.

I am not sure yet exactly how I will demo them, at the end of the class?? or in a separate video?? I am willing to create and discover what works … so watch my youtube and face book channels for the unfolding adventure into WELLNESS .. do you have some thing that you do, that was suggested to you? that you would like to safer with Ciara..

If so message/email Ciara ..

The practice of maintaining healthy habits on a daily basis is known as wellness, and it aims to achieve better outcomes for both physical and mental health. By focusing on wellness, one can strive for more than just survival and instead, thrive.

As a therapist and teacher, Ciara provides daily wellness tips to her clients and students. In the month of February, Ciara will guide you through various wellness practices, some of which may take only a moment to complete, while others may take up to 5 minutes.

All the practices are wonderful, but some may resonate more deeply than others with you.

It is important to keep an open-minded attitude and take note of how these practices affect your body, and nervous system, and see which tools and skills can be used to further develop and enrich overall health and wellness in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Ciara would love to know, what tool or habit do you practice that supports your wellness?

Below is the list of some of the topics she will cover, not in this order..

  • Orient, to regulate.
  • Contracting and Relaxing your body (progressive muscle relaxation)
  • Feel into it, instead of thinking about it.
  • List your resources and create time line..
  • Senses meditation, embodiment
  • Exercise early in the morning, outdoors.
  • Morning Sun Shine
  • Neck Massage
  • Dive Reflex
  • Touch your lips lightly
  • Give your self a hug.
  • Walk Bare Foot outside first thing in the morning
  • Sit in Nature
  • Face Massage
  • Sleep
  • Physiological sigh
  • Resourses
  • Embodiment : Use a towel to dry
  • 5 min breath
  • Conscious Rest : on floor with book and leg support
  • Feeling the weight of your body

Come join us

To pay for this Yoga, is €20 for the 25 days

If you would like to contribute or become a monthly patron for €20 per month

20min every morning as a Live Stream YouTube & Facebook Live Class at 7am.

Or You can follow along any time after I upload the class at 7:30 am ish.

I really hope you enjoy this 25-day yoga practice.

The most important part of daily Yoga practice is to show up.

You will see results from the routine and discipline. 25 days is a long time, some days you will power through the class, some days you will be tired and some days you won’t feel like it at all. These are the most important days, even if you join the class and lie on your mat and breath you will still reap the benefits of showing up and being part of a community
achieving a common goal.

So come join me!

Please let me know what benefits you are seeing by using the hashtag #yogawithciara.




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REMEMBER: move slowly, stop if you have any pain if you have an injury you should consult your doctor

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