SPIRAL : 14-Day Yoga Journey with Ciara

Embark on a Transformative Yoga Journey: with Ciara: SPIRAL

Join us for a remarkable 14 Journey inspired by the profound and functional gesture of the spiral form.

-day Yoga

In this transformative program, we will explore how spirals serve as both a functional pattern and a formative element within our bodies. Led by Ciara, a yoga teacher, and craniosacral therapist who is known for her humor, creativity, and somatic connection, this journey promises to be a truly embodying experience. The spiral is a sacred shape found abundantly in nature.


When I think of the word SPIRAL it inspires me towards growth and evolution. From the DNA double helix to sunflowers, whirlpools to galaxies, spirals are a testament to the interconnectedness of so many aspects of our planet and solar system, from the micro to the macro!

Even within our own bodies, we witness the spiral design in our muscles, the spiraling movement of our bones, and the way our heart gracefully spirals within itself, the blood spiraling in our veins, and the air being spiraled into our lungs! Ciara’s teaching style combines somatic practices, therapy, and self-inquiry.

Enjoy descriptive instructions and relatable associations.

Join our amazing yoga tribe and reserve your spot for this extraordinary yoga adventure today!

To pay for this Yoga, is €20 for the month

Or you can decide on the amount you want to pay … 1 or 2 euros per class

If you would like to contribute or become a monthly patron for €20 per month go to our website: www.yogawithciara.yoga 20min every morning as a Live Stream YouTube & Facebook Live Class at 7am.

Or You can follow along any time after I upload the class at 7:30 am ish. I really hope you enjoy this daily yoga practice. The most important part of daily Yoga practice is to show up. You will see results from the routine and discipline. 26 days is a long time, some days you will power through the class, some days you will be tired, and some days you won’t feel like it at all. These are the most important days, even if you join the class and lie on your mat and breath you will still reap the benefits of showing up and being part of a community achieving a common goal. So come join me!


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REMEMBER: move slowly, and stop if you have any pain if you have an injury you should consult your doctor


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