Pause : 21 days of Yoga with Ciara in December 2023

Pause : 21 days of Yoga with Ciara in December 2023

Starts December 1st 2023

Welcome to December’s journey of rest and mindfulness / bodyfullness – a time to PAUSE : 21 days of Yoga with Ciara in December 2023.

As the year winds down, things around speed up,  join me, Ciara, for 21 days of yoga that promises to bring connection and intention to your day. The remedy to the external busyness is to create internal harmony. Anchoring ourselves in centeredness.

Start your day with mindful movement. Listening, connecting, noticing what is, and being present to your own deep potential.  This December, let’s embrace the simplicity and accessibility of Yoga with Ciara’s daily 20-minute practice, making it as natural and essential to your day as the first light of dawn.

What to Expect

This is yoga for every day, for everybody. It’s like a daily hug for your soul – gentle, nurturing, and joyous. Let’s journey together through December with the intention of PAUSE, creating wellness and connections that resonate beyond the mat.

Are you ready to PAUSE and reconnect with yourself? Join our 21-day yoga journey and make every movement a celebration of life

Our theme, PAUSE : 21 days of Yoga with Ciara in December 2023, is more than a practice; it’s an intention for the day. It’s about finding stillness in the hustle of life, about cherishing the daily ritual of connecting with your body and being. With each session, we’ll explore movements that restore, focusing on normal, wholesome poses that honour your body’s natural rhythm.

Join our community, where laughter and shared stories from Ciara’s mat are as healing as the stretches themselves. Whether you’re returning to the mat or rolling it out for the first time, PAUSE with us. Let’s commit to 20 minutes a day, not extreme extraordinary postures, but deep and ordinary wellness. Let wellness be a given, a base line in your life. Come join Ciara to cultivate a deep and wholesome connection to wellness.

LOVE CIARA . 🧘‍♀️🌿✨

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