What I learnt from a month of NOURISH yoga with Ciara

NOURISH, a 23-day yoga journey, has been an epic exploration into the depths of self-care and self-nourishment.

Throughout this Yoga journey that we have explored and experienced together this past 23 days,  we delved into various aspects of nourishing the mind, body, and soul.

During the 23 days of NOURISH here are the different aspects of nourishment, self-care, and insights that we discovered in the doing of this practice.

  1. Nourishing Ourselves vs. Being Good to Ourselves: The distinction between simply being good to oneself and actively nourishing oneself became clear. It’s about consistent, deliberate care and attention to personal growth.
  2. Friction, Effort, and Connection: Acknowledging the effort required for self-care highlighted the commitment to connect with my inner self daily, even when it’s not easy.
  3. Feeding Your Soul: I delved into what truly feeds my soul, identifying activities, thoughts, and practices that resonate with my inner self and promote fulfillment.
  4. Planning and Creating Space: Recognizing the need to plan and prioritize self-care, I started making space for it in my daily routine.
  5. Artistic Expression (Drawing): Incorporating drawing as a means of self-discovery allowed me to explore my thoughts and emotions deeply.
  6. Intentions and Time for Self: Setting intentions and dedicating time for self-nourishment aligned with the idea of mindfulness and daily habits that promote growth.
  7. Embracing Imperfection: I learned to embrace imperfection and navigate interruptions with grace, realizing that adaptability and resilience are crucial life skills.
  8. Choosing Transitions: Reflecting on how I transition between tasks and moments, I began opting for moments of stillness and presence instead of distractions.
  9. Simplicity and Achievability: Simplifying goals and making them achievable allowed me to commit to self-nourishment effectively.
  10. Morning Rituals: Establishing a morning routine that included yoga and other practices became a source of connection and a positive start to each day.
  11. Listening to Inner Longing: Recognizing the calls of my body and following my inner longing in movements led to deeper connections with myself.
  12. Continuous Flow: I explored the idea of continuous flow in my daily life and embraced pauses as opportunities for nourishment.
  13. Noticing Transitions: Being mindful of transitions in movements and life brought a sense of flow to everything else.
  14. Movement as Medicine: I experienced firsthand how movement can heal, soothe, support, and nourish the body and mind.
  15. Presence and Engagement: Nourishing practices helped me become more present, engaged with my body, and attuned to the language of the moment.
  16. Acknowledging Greatness: Each day became an opportunity to appreciate the gift of being alive and present, savoring the richness of life.
  17. Wellness in Continuity: Consistency and daily practice emerged as powerful ways to cultivate health in life.
  18. Creating Awareness: I began noticing patterns in my life and explored how they either served or hindered my well-being.
  19. Awakening to the Language of Now: The practice deepened my awareness of the present moment, connecting me to the language of now.
  20. Reflection on Benefits: I found myself reflecting on the benefits of the journey and pondering how to further nourish myself.
  21. Embracing Deep Longing: The practice reinforced the importance of following deep longings and connecting with movements that meet me.
  22. Enriching Self-Understanding: The journey enriched my self-understanding, bringing clarity to various aspects of life and intentions.
  23. Continual Growth: As Nourish comes to an end, I carry forward the insights gained, understanding that the journey of self-nourishment is continuous and ever-evolving.

Nourish was wonderful

I really felt that I had my finger on my own inner connection to how do I truly nourish my self, and cultivate an inner gague to the time and effort that I am putting aside to do so in my daily lie.


Be well

Be awesome be YOU!

LOVE Ciara


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