GLOW stones! Creating movement based on connection to the stones

In our exploration of Glow, we included a unique tool: Glow stones. These simple stones added a new dimension to our practice, offering insights into movement and limitation. As we held the stones in our hands, we discovered the subtle nuances they brought to our gestures and sequences. Limitation creates new ways of adapting and getting around the obstacle of the stones, and I learnt so many subtil and wonder movement gestures and connections as we moved with the Glow stones in our hands.


The glow stones challenged us to adapt and innovate, to find creative solutions to movement constraints. We explored spiraling hips, zig-zags, and stony gestures, discovering new pathways and possibilities within ourselves. With each movement, we learned to navigate the interplay between effort and ease, strength and flexibility.

Through the glow stones, we cultivated a deeper awareness of our bodies and minds. We explored the limitations of our physical form, finding ways to work with and around them. The stones became a source of inspiration, guiding us to explore the edges of our comfort zones and expand our movement repertoire.

As we moved with the glow stones in hand, we embraced the challenge and the opportunity they presented. We discovered the power of limitation to spark creativity and innovation, and the beauty of adaptation to bring new depth to our practice. With each exploration, we deepened our connection to ourselves and the radiant glow within.

In the final days of our Glow journey, we reflected on the lessons learned from our time with the glow stones. We carried with us a newfound appreciation for the transformative potential of movement and the endless possibilities for growth and exploration.


I loved them so much that I will include them in next months yoga Journey. VITALITY!!

We will flow and connect with Glow Stones and see hwree it brings us in our strength, connection, flexibility, blanace and awesness journey.


be well

be awesome

be you


Looking forward to Viatailty!





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