Give your self a hug.

Hey there! Give yourself a big ol’ hug. It’s the ultimate self-care act that has so many benefits for your well-being. By wrapping yourself up in a warm embrace, you’ll:

  • Chill out from stress and anxiety: When you hug yourself, you release oxytocin, a hormone that calms you down and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Soothe your nerves: Physical touch, like hugging, triggers your parasympathetic nervous system, making you feel relaxed and at peace.
  • Brighten your mood: That oxytocin also lifts your mood and makes you feel happy. Who wouldn’t want that?!
  • Feel safe and secure: Physical touch gives you a sense of safety and security, making it easier to manage tough emotions.
  • Get comfort and support: Hugs bring comfort and support, which is especially helpful when you’re feeling down.

So go ahead, give yourself a hug. Your mind and body will thank you!

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