Felt Sense Intension at the end of class. : Glow Journey

Throughout our Glow journey, we delved into the practice of setting a felt sense intention. This practice invited us to connect deeply with our inner selves and cultivate a sense of purpose and direction in our practice and in our lives.

It emerged as an idea, that was an evolution from last month, where we set an intension towards doing some thing in our, day, I was intending towards art, and creativity, so this was pulling it back inwards with the setting of intension, and seeking a feltsence of connectivity .

With each class, we began by anchoring ourselves in the present moment, tuning into the sensations of our bodies and the radiance  within. From this place of presence, we set an intention—a heartfelt aspiration that guided our practice and infused it with meaning and purpose.

Setting a felt sense intention allowed us to align our physical movements with our innermost desires and aspirations. It brought clarity and focus to our practice, helping us to move with intention and integrity. Whether it was cultivating softness and steadiness or embodying strength and resilience, our intentions shaped the way we moved and experienced our practice.

As we moved through the sequences, we carried our intentions with us, allowing them to inform and inspire each gesture and movement. We embraced the transformative power of intention, trusting that our practice had the potential to bring about positive change and growth in our lives.

Through the practice of setting a felt sense intention, we discovered the power of mindfulness and intentionality to deepen our practice and enrich our lives. We learned to listen to the wisdom of our hearts and follow the path that resonated most deeply with our true selves.


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