DYNAMIC BALANCE :  Embracing Elasticity and Strength

DYNAMIC BALANCE :  Embracing Elasticity and Strength




The plan is to dive deep into the fascinating world of fascia and dynamic balance (tensegrity), uncovering the incredible elasticity, plasticity, and pliability within our bodies. Together, we’ll explore how to support these connective tissues, bringing a new depth of understanding and movement to our practice.

Exploring the Fascial Web

DYNAMIC BALANCE invites us to understand and feel the web of fascia that supports our entire body. Through the daily 20 minute yoga practice, we’ll delve into movements that highlight the elastic and plastic nature of fascia, creating a profound awareness of how it connects and supports us. By embracing a variety of gestures, movements and intentions, we’ll experience the true strength and flexibility of our bodies.

Embracing Elasticity and Strength

Each practice is an opportunity to connect with the dynamic tension within our fascia. We’ll explore how elasticity and strength interplay to create resilient, balanced movements. As we engage in these practices, we’ll build a deeper connection to our inner landscape, enhancing our ability to move with grace and power.

Cultivating Resilience and Adaptability

Like the adaptable nature of fascia, we too will learn to become more resilient and flexible in our lives. Through mindful practices and intentional movements, we’ll cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and adaptability. This journey will help us understand how to move efficiently and effectively, supporting our overall wellness and vitality.

Let Your Body Radiate Strength and Flexibility

Join me on this 21-day journey as we explore the wonders of fascia and dynamic balance together. Let’s embrace the elasticity, strength, and adaptability within us, creating a vibrant practice that supports our health and well-being.

Together, we’ll form a connected community, thriving in the knowledge and experience of our shared journey.

DYNAMIC BALANCE Fascial Explorations

Short video on what is tensegrity (dynamic balance)


Be well, be awesome, be you.

With love and anticipation,






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Remember to move mindfully and honor your body’s needs. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns or injuries.






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