Dive Reflex

I have been practicing this trick, tool since November, as mini regulation moments in my day. A somatic reset, that helps me manage stress and overwhelm in my daily life. When I am feeling a lot in my body, I splash cold water on my face, and listen to how my body responds, AND ITS AWESOME! The more I do it, the better and more efficient the tool is.

I drop like melted honey into my belly, and I feel that I have agency and the ability to feel and manage strong sensations in a wholesome and embodied way.

Its been really transformative.

Now even when I am just standing, listening and being outside I can feel the Dive Reflex in my body when I notice the cold air on my face. Like I have connected a neural pathway in my body , an ability to reset.

I love it.

Try it out and see!

The dive reflex is a physiological response that occurs when the face is submerged in water. It is triggered by the stimulation of the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for sensation in the face.

The dive reflex causes a number of changes in the body, including an increase in heart rate and a decrease in blood flow to the limbs. This allows the body to conserve oxygen while underwater.

The dive reflex can be useful in everyday life as a habit or regulation trick because it can be used to improve breathing and relaxation. By training the dive reflex, you can learn to slow your heart rate and control your breathing, which can help reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

There are several ways to activate the dive reflex. One way is to submerge your face in water, either by swimming or by holding your breath and putting your face in a bowl of water.

Another way is to hold your breath and press on the sinus area just above your eyebrows, this can also activate the reflex.



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